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Wipe Clean Destructive Programing With New Implant Coding Technology
From the Desk of Mindy Holden,

Founder, World of Subliminal

Dear friend,

Hi It's Mindy and I know you've heard the news about about this new brain hack in my other emails. 
This new technology is going to change everything! 

It's opened a door to a new dimension from the way we learn new things to how to completely erase the thinking and behavior that's been holding us back from the things we've always wanted.

Look, maybe you've been really busy and haven't had a chance to go over my last email, so I want to take a moment and tell you again what happened and how this eccentric group of neuroscientists from the university of Zurich Switzerland are making headlines 

But first let me ask you a few questions...

  • Are you tired of wondering how some people become instantaneously successful while you can't seem to get ahead?
  • Frustrated because something bad always happens making you watch your dreams slip away while others go through life easily,  seemingly without making mistakes?
  • Making the same mistakes over and over; ready to start getting some different results?               

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then take the next five minutes to read this important letter.

Neuroscientists have been experimenting with hemispheric brain stimulation, and super subconscious brain pattern behavior for the last 5 years with the hopes of finding the key to unlock the power of all human potential

They discovered that both right(creative) and left (logic and reasoning) hemispheres of the brain are influenced by another part of the brain located deep in the hypothalamus that seemed dormant under advanced nueroimaging studies.

They concluded that..

Parts of the brain we thought were dormant are actually awake, but only in either deep meditative states or just before REM sleep.

This research led them to perform clinical studies in accelerated learning, advanced sensory programing, intuitive primordial awareness, and most importantly magnetic-brainwave theories AKA Law of Attraction.

Without boring you with all the clinical details, the research team began to encode natural occurring sounds, rhythms, and melodic tones with what they call...

RAD or Radical Audio Directives.  

These Directives were encoded as hidden patterns using a obscure technology called...

Progressive Message Layering Technique or PMLT.  

This technology was first developed by the department of defense to help soldiers, specifically navy seals and other elite combat units to overcome certain fears, and enhance their abilities to make life and death decisions with better accuracy and clarity.

Later, this technology was released to centers of advanced research for studies at major universities where it was further perfected in it's development and application.

Knowing that this advanced subconscious implant technology had real break-thru potential that would trigger a frenzy in the way that people learn new material, adapt new patterns of behavior, and make money, I had to figure a way to make it available to the general public.   

After immersing myself in the research and hiring my own team of professionals we licensed advanced audio engineering software.

Then, we added The Radical Audio Directives with our patented Progressive Message Layering Technique within natural occurring sounds

And guess what? An amazing thing happened!

This new technology made these Radical Audio Directives available for processing by the sub-conscious mind almost immediately. Why? Because we applied them at exactly the right time which is during meditative states and just before REM Sleep.

Finally, when these directives were assimilated by the sub-conscious mind they became available as tools for the super-conscious mind and in a blink of an eye activated super magnetic brainwave power.  

We weren't the only ones that believed in this technology.  Dr. DeWayne Derryberry from Idaho State University Department of Mathematics discovered that using Audio Directives improved student math scores.

His theory was it wasn't their actual knowledge about math that made them perform poorly, but it was their false belief deeply imprinted in their subconscious that caused their poor performance.

Acting on that theory he used a simplified version of subliminal coding to dramatically change their results.

These and other findings led me on a mission to deliver you..

"The Most Advanced Subconscious Implant Coding Technology Available"

Like I told you in my last emails, this new technology is a game changer.  There are so many things that I could help people accomplish. but I really didn't know where to begin. 

Then,  it dawned on me.  If I could change just one thing, what would that be.  After a moment, I knew. 

I thought back to the time I was in my doctoral internship at UCLA. I was working to get into their prestigious Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program in Nuerophychology.

I remember listening to a lecture given by Allen Tobin, The Brain Research Director at UCLA.

Dr. Tobin had advanced degrees from both Harvard and M.I.T. He studied the brainwave patterns between people who are millionaires and people who are poor.

I remember he broke down exactly what separates the over achiever, moderate achiever, and under achiever. 

He concluded that people who are millionaires have minds that are exactly the same as everyone else, except for one thing....


He went on to explain that millionaires minds were tuned to a different wavelength then most people.  He said...

Millionaires didn't think about what they couldn't do, they ONLY thought about the possibilities.

Since they are only thinking about what possibilities there are, the minds of millionaires automatically attract people, situations, and opportunities that the rest of us only could dream of experiencing. 

He explained that their wiring was different when it came to limits.  He even described the brains neuroplasticity was more active in the mind of a millionaire.

To the mind of a millionaire, its only normal to achieve great success. 

In the mind of a millionaire, there are no obstacles, only opportunities. 

Millionaires don't think about what they don't want, they only put their attention on what they want.

As a matter of fact, millionaires don't think about failure, or loss, they think about success.  And most importantly, they don't put limits on success. 

Millionaires think about money, relationships, friendships, and business with inspiration instead of fear. 

Fear is almost non-existent in the mind of a millionaire.  It's not about the money that shapes the mind of a millionaire, its the absence of fear. 

What struck me about this lecture was Dr. Tobin professed that the mind of a millionaire could be replicated. 

He claimed that all that was needed was the right sensory coding...JUST IMAGINE...

If we could find the right sensory coding we could reproduce the same nueroplacistity from the mind of a millionaire and give it to anyone, that would even out the playing field for everyone. 

I knew this new technology combined with Radical Audio Directives could stimulate the nueroplacistity in the average person.   It hit me like a brick..

We could make a millionaire out of anyone

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